Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sam Lloyd Lacia Milby

Nickname: Sam
Name: Sam Lloyd Milby
Birth Date: May 23, 1984
Birth Place: Troy, Ohio, USA
Hobbies: Motocross, Hockey, figureskating, Tennis, Golf, Playing Guitar, Singing
Motto in life: Work like you don’t need the money, dance like nobody is watching and live like you’ve never been hurt.
Greatest fear: Getting my heart broken
Love is...: Destiny
Describe yourself in three words:

TV show: Dave Chapelle Show
Local/foreign actor: Edward Norton
Local/foreign actress: Charlize Theron, Eliza Dushku
Movie: Braveheart, Interview with a Vampire, Fight Club
Movie line:
Musician: Incubus
Song: Behind these Hazel Eyes – Kelly Clarkson
Food: Steak
Cartoon character: The baby on the family guy

Batibot or Sesame Street? Sesame Street
Sharon, Vilma or Nora?
The Hunks or Backstreet Boys? Backstreet Boys
Bananacue or Turon? Turon
Gwapong/magandang mahirap o panget na mayaman? Guwapong/Magandang Mahirap

Anong itsura kaya ni Big Brother? Dark skin, dark hair, tall, strong looking
Sinong Artista ang gusto mong maging housemate sa PBB? Angel Locsin, Heart Evangelista, Aubrey Miles
Sinong Artista ang ayaw mong magiging housemate sa PBB?
What kind of housemate you can't live with? One not willing to work with the others, and one that is a backstabber
If you will be allowed to bring a thing that is prohibited, what will it be? PS2 and all my games
What will you do with the money if you win PBB? Help my family, save, and invest the money.
isulong seoph


Christian said...

ganda nang answers ni Sam..!!! by the way Advanced Happy Birthday To You Sam ..sana sumikat kapa nang sumikat..

Christian said...

kailan ba mag sisimula ang bago mong palabas sa TV ung primebida...???

candygirlmicah said...

hello sam ang ganda naman ng answers mo hehe ingat palagi take care.....=)

mae_sam said...

hi! sam ang guapo moh talaga!!! advane happy birthday to you....... sana may bagong movie ka na ikaw ang bida!! send me mail at take good care of your self.. i love you=)by the way congrat's sa yung movie na CLOSE TO YOU... grabeh ang ganda.. no.1

izah said...

Hi Sam,
Happy Birthday!!!!
I am one of your avid fan here in Taiwan,(I work here).I do really like you, not just that you are good looking guy but your being simple and humble...and most of all you are very talented man!! Stay being yourself ok!! And you know what?? I am so happy to have your first album "SAM MILBY"
and planning to have a collection for all of your songs and movies since that I have started with your first one. I asked my friend to buy it for me when she took a vacation last April.
I wish to see you in person...soon as I go back home there in the Philippines.
Happy Birthday again may you have more blessings from our GOD and may he guide you always...
Love you SAM...

Yao said...

happy birthday sam and wish you all the best in ur career.Ang gwapo mo daw talaga. more pics naman na pwedeng pang wallpaper hirap makahanap.

DeMeRiE said...

Sam, i'm ur big fan talaga, gustong gusto ko ung mga songs mo. Naandito ako sa canada, i just came here, i'm telling so many things about u to my filipina friends here.

your very very big fan Demerie!!! :)

DeMeRiE said...

I love the movie close to you, lalo na ung songs!!! I always watch it on, and i'm buying that movie and also I have some of ur songs!!!:)

gotin2 said...

hi! i'm from florida. 1 of ur fans. well i just wanna say good luck to u and hope u all d' best. oh! by d' way i love ur song close 2 u.

angeli_sexybiatch said...


ang gwapo mo talaga!!!

sana makita kita!!!

wow grbe ang sikat mo talaga!!!

i really like you!!!


hope 2 see you soon



angeli_sexybiatch said...


ang gwap0 mo talaga!!!

angeli_sexybiatch said...

yoww sam

ang gwapo mo talaga

bisita ka naman d2 sa davao

para makita kita






angeli_sexybiatch said...

ikaw ang pinaka gwapo

sa lahat ng pbb housemates




angeli_sexybiatch said...

yow sam

ang gwapo mo talaga

ang dami mo nang commercial ha


mhelai said...

sam your so gwapo and i think sobrang bait mo pah... sana magkita tato in person at sana magka concert k d2 sa cabanatuan... lagi nga kitang ipinagmamalaki sa mga friends and classm8 ko eh... lab you sam... take care always and GOD bLeSS you....

Zwielen_1231 said...

Hi sam, u know kinikilig tlga aq kpg kumkanta k, sobrang gnda ng voice mo..lalo n kpg kmknta k ng "werever u will go.."lam mo b sna wish q mkita on person, mkita lng kita on my b-day masaya n aq,.ingat k lgi sam kasi mrami ngma2hal sau & i'm 1 of them..slamat kc nsa ABS k p rin at nk2ta p kta on tv,msaya aq evrytym mkta kta on screen..Tke Cre..God Bless ur career,... =)

Zwielen_1231 said...

Advance hapi b-day sau..
wish q sna mag concert k s cabanatuan
sna s bday q mkita kta at ikaw guest q kc it's my 18th bday...send me mail, tke cre po.!

clemente said...

mga sam fanatic sana meron ding tm na magblog c sam noh khit batiin lang nila tayo!!!!!!!

clemente said...

hoy mas maganda na ngayn yung u r the 1 kasi napanood na me lahat ang movie niya at oh my gosh ang sarap panoorin ng paulit-ulit......

nixhyip said...

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jaykz said...

hi sam.. some say magkamukha daw tayo.. hehe well, cguro nga. the way we smile... gud luck sa career bro!!

kryzel said...

i am so depressed,so sad coz' many ladies love you...
i'm one of your avid fan.,but i'm the cutest of them all..
i wish that i can meet and talk to you in person!!!
if you have enough time can u mail me??

hope you read this and hope you can mail me..kahit "hello" lang poh.,pls...

kryzel said...

i know you can't believe this...
would you flatter if i say....
or believe if i say...

"never mind"
coz' i know that a "sam lloyd milby" wouldn't match with such a girl like me.,a girl who's not a famous star as you are,i can't skate,play a guitar...i'm just a cute person who can draw,sing."a dreamer" falling in love with a "perfect guy!"

jben501 said...

Guapo ni Sam, checkout more pictures of sam at

samu_gurl07 said...

sam!! gosh..ur so wafu wafu!! inlove ako sayo.. hay.. one of my dreams is to see u in personal and to hug u soooo tight.. hikhik:P hope to seeyah nga,,someday.. i like ur songs and olzoe ur movies.. hnd k ln gwapo,,talented p!! aba,,san kp..hehehe:P hope wg kang magbgo.. keep up the good work.. olweiz remmembr dat mrming fans n sumosoporta sayo..okei? hay naku.. hope mgconcert k d2 s veniz!hihihi..taas ng pangarap eh noh? hahaha XD sam,,tgnn mo nmn profile ko s friendster.. o kya tc..god bless..mwxx

dayne said...

hi11 im 1 of ur fans.. i lyk u alot.sana lalo kapang sumikat and i hope 2 see u in peron soon..

dayne said...

mas gwapo ka pag alang bigote.. i hope u understand wat im telling u..

princess_queenie009 said...

like ur answer kuya sam.. pero nkakatuwa ung sagot mo na gwapong/magandang mahirap hahaha.. i didn't expect that answer and also that kind of question.. pero kuya sam i thought your real name was samuel lloyd lacia milby.. i saw that in wikipedia..